Tragic Death Of Alonte Lyndell Smith & More

Alan Smith, 63, was stabbed at least five times while he was sitting in an east London cafe celebrating his daughter’s birthday with his girlfriend, daughter, and son-in-law.

Reason Behind Murder

Matthew Quesada, the alleged murderer, lost his cool when Mr. Smith asked him in the BB Café whether his small daughter, who’d been crying, was alright. Quesada, who was aged 25 at the time, rushed to his girlfriend’s apartment to drop the girl down and fetch a weapon because he was humiliated and enraged by what had happened and bent on exacting retribution.

He then dashed after the family as they entered a second diner, the Roma cafe, where they had gone to eat to avoid any further disturbance, carrying a knife concealed up his sleeve.

Quesada is alleged to have attacked Mr. Smith there in a frenzied and wordless approach, stabbing him in the head and torso.

Failed Attempt at Saving

Mr. Smith battled to get up from the bolted-down table before tumbling to the ground and kicking out in an ineffective attempt to stop the assault, the court heard, as Estelle Jenkins tried to put distance between her father and his attacker. According to testimony given in court, Quesada only ran away after the victim’s son-in-law Mark Jenkins stopped the attack by hurling a chair at him while Mr. Smith’s shocked companion Denise Facey watched.


An air ambulance doctor had to perform emergency heart surgery on a café table that served as a makeshift operating table while Mr. Smith’s life dwindled. He was transported by air to the hospital, where he succumbed to his three deadly wounds.

Place Of Murder

As retaliation for inquiring about the young child, Mr. Smith was stabbed five times at the east London cafe.

The Non Bailable Act

Alan Smith, 63, was killed by Matthew Quesada, 26, of no permanent address, who was sentenced to life imprisonment and therefore must spend at least 26 years. On June 15, Quesada was pronounced liable at the Old Bailey for killing Mr. Smith during the hysterical assault. Maria Bridgette, Quesada’s girlfriend, pleaded liable for assisting an offender. She is 26 years old and lives on Walthamstow’s Hibbert Road.

Court’s Judgement

During a June trial at the Old Bailey, Quesada was found guilty. The court was informed that Quesada responded as follows to Mr. Smith’s anxiety over his daughter: “What’s the connection to you? Leave now.” Mr. Smith left the BB Café in Leyton and headed to the nearby Roma Cafe with his family because he wanted to avoid a fight.

After bringing his daughter and his partner home, Quesada returned with a knife and stabbed Mr. Smith five times. You are a very threatening young man, Judge Peter Rook told him before sentencing. This crime was extremely heinous. “Your response was very unexpected and excessive. You reacted inappropriately and saw this as a criticism of your parenting.”


A day later, Quesada was detained in south London along with his mother Victoria Passley-Quesada inside her car after shaving off his distinctive Afro-style hair and changing his attire. The trial is still ongoing and is supposed to last three weeks.