Who is Atticus Fehr?

Atticus Fehr has been receiving media attention thanks to his father, Oded Fehr, an Israeli actor. He is the firstborn child of the actor based in Los Angeles, United States. Atticus, born in 2003, has two younger siblings, sisters Azelie and Finley. His mother is Rhonda Tollefson, a film producer known for Entrapment and Finding Forrester.

Personal Details

In 2021, Atticus Fehr’s father posted a link on his Twitter account for people to contribute to his son’s project. Atticus was making a film, and he needed eight thousand dollars to make the project possible. People contributed willingly, and in May 2022, when the film was released, he thanked all who made it happen.


Regarding his education, Atticus Fehr attended Villanova Preparatory School. However, before that, he was homeschooled. After high school, he went to college to study filming and continue his passion. He is currently a student at The University of Texas, Austin

He took part in a science project competition in high school to win the prize money and use the proceeds to study film in college since he was aspiring to join either the University of Sothern California or New York University.


Despite being a student, Atticus Fehr has already started following in his parent’s footsteps. He is a filmmaker, and some of his projects include Where the Crawdads Sing, Marmalade, and The Bereaved.

His Father

Atticus Fehr’s father was born in Israel, but he studied schools in Europe; he attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England and took drama classes in Germany. Atticus’s father was n the Israeli Navy before deciding to venture into acting.

His Father’s Acting Career

Atticus Fehr’s father began his acting career in the 1990s; director Stephen Sommers cast him in The Mummy as Ardeth Bay. In the 2000s, he appeared in several films and television shows, including Resident Evil: Apocalypse and its sequel, UC: Undercover and Texas Rangers.

Oded Fehr portrayed Zankou, an evil demon, in the supernatural series Charmed. For a year, Atticus’s father was featured as Farik in the series Sleeper Cell. He also appeared in Covert Affairs, where he portrayed Agent Eyal Levin.

On television, Atticus Fehr’s father has had the greatest impact appearing in several notable shows. He appeared in 24: Legacy, where he played Asim Naseri. Fehr appeared in an episode of How to Get Away With Murder, Jane By Design, Three Rivers Younger, and FBI Most Wanted. From 2020, Atticus’s father has a recurring role as Admiral Charles Vance in Star Trek: Discovery.

Net Worth

Atticus is yet to start earning since he is still a student, but the future is brighter for the filmmaker. On the other hand, his father has appeared in several television shows and movies, receiving good pay for his appearances. Atticus’s father’s net worth is approximately 5 million dollars.

Social Media

Atticus Fehr is active on social media, mainly on Instagram. He has a private account at @atticus_fehr. Besides, his father is active on social media, particularly Twitter, but rarely posts anything about his son.