Learn How Ethan Page Furlong was Exposed to Hard Drugs

Ethan Page Furlong is the son of former actress Rachael Bella and her ex-husband, actor Edward Furlong. He was born on September 21, 2006, and he has two siblings from his mother’s second marriage who he has a close relationship with

His Parents

Ethan’s parents met and started dating in the early 2000s before getting married in 2006. They exchanged their wedding vows on April 16, and then five months later, they welcomed their son Ethan Page Furlong. Rachael and Edward’s union did not last long, as they separated due to irreconcilable differences.

After divorcing, Ethan’s mother met Ron Zvagelsky, a web developer, co-founder of R/nd, and the Chief Executive Officer of Presshive. They started dating, and in July 2014, they married and had twins together. On the other hand, Edward started dating actress Monica Keena, but they separated for assaulting her.

Ethan’s Relationship with His Father, Edward

Edward Furlong had a bad relationship with his son when he was young because of his drug addiction issues. While testifying in court, Rachael said that her son Ethan had tested positive for cocaine after spending time with his dad, and she was not sure how long he had been exposed to the drug. At first, there was a restraining order Ethan’s mother had filed against Edward, but she dissolved it so that he could see his son.

Rachael regretted letting her son spend time with a drug addict. After it was determined that Edward was exposing his son to cocaine, his visits and the time he spent with him were reduced and supervised.

Ethan’s Father’s Struggles with Drug Addiction

Ethan’s father has struggled with drug addiction for most of his acting career. His acting career was on the right trajectory until he became an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. Ethan’s father was taken to rehab in 2000, after which he said he was done with hard drugs, but as soon as he was back from rehab, Edward was right back into it.

Funny enough, Edward even had the guts to expose his then-young son to cocaine. It has been a struggle over the years to try to mend his wrongs by starting with his acting career; however, it is unclear if he has tried to mend his relationship with his son Edward.

Edward’s Arrests

Ethan Page Furlong’s father has got himself on the wrong side of the law multiple times; his ex-wife and Ethan’s mother, Rachael, filed a restraining order against him after he physically assaulted her. He was arrested in 2012 after publicly assaulting Monica Keena at Los Angeles Airport.

Edward was also arrested twice for battery against his girlfriend; he was given probation which he broke and was to spend six months in prison, but he avoided it by accepting the judge’s conditions. These included 90 days in rehab, a year of domestic violence counseling, and probation for five years.

Ethan Page Furlong Now

Ethan Page Furlong lives with his mother, two siblings, and a stepfather as he continues his high school education. His mother has done a better job of ensuring her son is not exposed to drugs again.