Fiona Rolla Career, Personal Life, & More

Everyone has an idea of how the star kids take advantage of their parents’ achievements to catch the sight of the audience. Besides, the media also acts as a stimulus for this entire environment.  However, Fiona Rolla is one of those star kids who has gained prominence because of her mother, Elizabeth Peña.

The article is presented to the audience to put forward information about Fiona Rolla. To enhance her personality, a brief section will be adjoined about her mother.

Early Life And Family

Fiona Rolla is the daughter of Elizabeth Peña and Hans Rolla. She shaped her childhood with her brother named, Kaelan Rolla. However, Fiona was a teenager when she lost her mother. Since childhood, Fiona was very close to her mother and shared an extraordinary friendship.

Apart from this, nothing much is comprehended about Fiona or how she had spent her days without her mother. Despite being a celebrity kid, she never appreciated confronting the media and sharing her thoughts. Nonetheless, her mother also never showed any interest in conveying any essential notification about her daughter.

Fiona Rolla’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Elizabeth Maria Peña, AKA Elizabeth Peña, was a popular actress from America. Apart from showcasing her talent as an actress, Elizabeth was a musician and author. She was born on 23rd September 1959 in New Jersey. Elizabeth’s father was an actor and founder of the Latin American Theatre Ensemble. From him, she obtained the enthusiasm to pursue a career in the entertainment realm.

In association with her father, she started working as a chairperson of the core members of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors. Meanwhile, from the High School of Performing Arts, she acquired her graduation degree. In 1979 Elizabeth Peña stood up as an actress in a film named El Super. Her devotees much appreciated her work in this movie.

Moreover, she confronted the world as a director with  The Brothers Garcia. She set up the entire environment of an episode of the drama named “It Was Fun While It Lasted.” After serving as a director and actress,  Elizabeth Peña provided her voice for notable characters in numerous movies.

The most appreciated works of Elizabeth Peña are  The Incredibles as Mirage, Things Behind the Sun, Maya and Miguel, Drug Wars: The Camarena Story, How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, and so on. Additionally, for her featured film, she gained the Bravo Award for Outstanding Actress from the National Council of La Raza.

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, Elizabeth Peña took her last breath on 14th October 2014. Liver cirrhosis due to her excessive alcohol consumption habit took her life.

According to sources, Elizabeth Pena had a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars.

Fiona Rolla’s Net Worth

No one has any idea about how Fiona earns her bread for a living. So figuring out anything about her net worth is pretty tricky. So it’s better to overlook this topic without conveying any ethical evidence.


Hopefully, the sections mentioned above in the context are enough to clear out the vision of Fiona Rolla. Moreover, she has also utilized her mother’s superiority to yield recognition. Hopefully, she has also gained eminence in her field of interest.