Learning About The Seven Deadly Sins Television Show Season 4

The Japanese television series, which has entertained the audience since 2014, is The Seven Deadly Sins. It’s a sequel to the second installment, Wrath of the Gods. The story of the series embodies the nuisance of a group of warriors who were trapped in fake accusations. However, it’s time to highlight the fourth facet of the series “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement.” The series’ characters have been reprised and articulated in a new way in season 4.

A Recap About The Seasons Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Nakaba Suzuki created this popular Japanese series. The anime showcased the deadly combination of iniquity and love.

Season 1: The Seven Deadly Sins

Season 1.5: Signs of Holy War

Season 2: Revival of The Commandments

Season 3: Wrath of the Gods

Season 4: Dragon’s Judgement

In each episode of the season, the audience must have realized the fervency of Elizabeth to search for her missing Seven Deadly Sins to regain her kingdom. The fourth season brings the backstory of each scene as it establishes the intriguing environments concocted by the characters.

When Did The Fourth Season Premiere & Where To Watch It?

Initially, The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement was set to premiere in October 2020. But due to the global pandemic, the aired date was halted. The first episode of the fourth part circulated on 13th January 2021, whereas the seasonal finale came out on 23rd June 2021.

The onlookers of the series from Japan can acquire a glimpse of the episodes on BS TV Tokyo and TV Tokyo. Moreover, Netflix released the episodes globally.

What Is The Fourth Season All About?

In season 4, the audience witnesses the reunion of Meliodas along with some other sins to shape the Ten Commandments to serve the Demon King. Nonetheless, this evil soul learns about the romantic essence between Meliodas and Elizabeth.

Eventually, he changes to a natural and deadly demon to save his love after a curse triggers to cause Elizabeth’s death in a short duration. To protect his girlfriend, Meliodas attempts to escape the shell of emotions and is forced to get into the skin of the Ten Commandments. Nevertheless, this commands him to evolve as a Demon King.

Audience Reaction On The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4

All the seasons of this show are interrelated each other. It’s essential to gain a precise idea about the prior seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins before heading toward the fourth part. The audience who maintained their interest in this series from the first season is satisfied to culminate the victory of depravity.

According to the audience, the character’s maneuvers in the scenes are appreciable. The essence of the Demon King is established indifferently and elaborates on his hunger for sovereignty as the commander of the Demon Clan. Moreover, the intensity fighting essence illustrates the hidden emotions of the characters. Ultimately, the fourth season specifies Meliodas’s sentiments after redeeming himself after challenging situations.

Final Verdict

Along with controversy and conflict, The Seven Deadly Sins can also be termed a romantic shonen anime series. The season ended with the descent of the Demon King by breaking the condemnation and bringing back the emotions of Meliodas.