Who is Michael Hall Shelby?

Michael Hall Shelby was born on November 2, 1946, to Carroll Shelby, an American automotive designer, and his first wife, Jeanne Fields. He has two siblings, a younger brother Patrick Shelby and an older sister Sharon Anna Shelby.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Michael Hall Shelby has kept details of his wife away from the public. It is unclear how many times he has been married and how many children he has. He only gained media attention as the firstborn child of Carroll Shelby.

About Michael’s Father

Michael Hall’s father was diverse; he started businesses, was a car racer, and worked with Ford Motor Company on Mustang and AC Cobra. Carroll ventured into car racing despite his health issues, starting his professional career at 29. In one of his car races, Michael’s father suffered an accident resulting in severe injuries, but he did not stop the sport.

In 1960, Carroll’s health started taking a toll on him, and he had to retire and subsequently started working as an automotive designer. Michael’s father later founded Carroll Shelby International, Inc, with Shelby American as one of its subsidiaries. Carroll worked with Ford Motor Company on many projects, including building several high-performance cars, including the Shelby Cobra car.

Michael’s father wrote a memoir, The Carroll Shelby Story, which documents everything he did, including his work as an automotive designer.

His Father’s Health Struggles

Michael Hall, Shelby’s father, struggled with heart issues from a young age. He had a defect in his heart valves, something he had stayed with for most of his life. Given his troubles due to his heart defects, he started the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation, which aimed at paying for medical bills for children with heart defects who come from low-income families.

Michael’s father underwent a heart transplant in 1990 and a kidney transplant six years later. He died in 2012, aged 89, after struggling with health issues most of his life.


When his father died in 2012, Michael Hall Shelby, his siblings, and their stepmother were in the spotlight. They were feuding on who had the right to bury their father; on one side Michael and his siblings said that their father had signed a directive that his body should be cremated and the ashes shared among his three children. Cleo Shelby, their stepmother, said that those were lies.

Michael’s stepmother said Carroll had given her powers over her properties and all other affairs. However, after a long battle, the family reached a compromise and agreed to share the ashes, and part of the agreement included giving Cleo some ashes. However, Michael Hall Shelby mentioned that he was unhappy but had to compromise so that his father could rest in peace.

Michael Hall Shelby Whereabouts

Michael Hall Shelby has been very secretive about his life; besides, he has lived away from the spotlight despite his father’s popularity. Little is known about his whereabouts, but he is probably spending his time with his family in one of the states in the USA.