Meet Nate Dogg’s Son: Nathaniel Hale Jr

Nathaniel Hale Jr is the son of American rapper Nate Dogg, who died at the peak of his music career. He decided to pick up where his father left off in the music industry, but he has not achieved as much success as his father. Nathaniel’s exact date of his birth and his mother is unknown.

Nathaniel Hale Jr has focused on music and uses the stage name, Lil Nate Dogg. He has released some songs, including an album called Son of a G.

Personal Life

Nathaniel Hale Jr is married and has two daughters. He often posts them on his Instagram page but has not posted a picture of his wife. Besides, he has not made public the name of the mother of his two beautiful kids.

Nathaniel is not the only child of Nate Dogg; he has a brother named Naijiel Hale, who played football for the University of Washington.

His Father

Nathaniel’s father started his music career in 1990; he formed a group with Warren G and Snoop Dogg called 213. They recorded some songs together. As a solo artist, Nate Dogg signed with Death Row Records; he worked with Dr. Dre on his album The Chronic. He wrote the song Regulate with Warren G. Nathaniel’s father and released Music & Me, which peaked at number three.

Nate Dogg collaborated with several artists, including Eminem, Kurupt, Westside Connection, Mark Ronson, and Ludacris. Most of the songs he worked on with other artists did well.

Legal Issues Against His Father

Nathaniel’s father got himself on the wrong side of the law multiple times. In 1991 and 1994, Nate was accused of robbing Check Changers shop and Taco Bell, but he was set free after a court hearing. In 1996, Nathaniel’s father was found guilty of a drug offense, and he was convicted.

Nate Dogg was charged with domestic violence against his former girlfriend. He was also accused of arson, kidnapping, verbal threats, and illegally possessing a gun. He was fined a thousand dollars and put on probation for three years.

His Father’s Illness and Death

In his last years, Nathaniel’s father was not in good condition; he had suffered several strokes. He suffered a stroke end of 2007 and was hospitalized at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for a week, after which he went to rehab. The following year, Nate Dogg suffered another stroke but recovered after some time.

From 2008 to his death, Nathaniel Dale’s father suffered many strokes. He died on March 15, 2011, aged 41, due to congestive heart failure brought about by multiple strokes. His body was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Long Beach, California.

Social Media

Nathaniel Hale Jr is active on social media platforms. He has an account on Instagram where he occasionally posts pictures of himself and his family. He likes posting pictures of his father and mentions that he misses him and he is working hard to continue with his father’s legacy.

Nathaniel also posts music-related content on his social media pages. His Instagram handle is @lilnatedogg213. Nathaniel is also on Twitter.