Recalling the Memorable Life Of Ora Zella Anderson

Ora is known as the mother of Louie Anderson and is no more in the world now. She was born in the year 1912 and said goodbye to the world forever in the year 1990. In this post, you’ll learn everything about her. Her memorable life has been discussed whatever we know about her so far.

Love On Social Media

Ever since she’s gone forever, her daughter could be seen posting a Facebook post on the occasion of her birthday. She wished her mom a happy birthday and stated that she’s missing her. Several people have reacted to the post, which shows that the world still has endless people who still remember her, love her, and support her, even if she’s no more in the world.

Life & Death

She was born in the year 1912 on the day of May 27 in South Dakota, USA. Her birth city is perhaps lost and may not be known by anyone. She took her last breath in the year 1990 on the day of January 4. She was 77 when she died. In her living memory, she was buried in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA, in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery. People who wish to reach out to her shall look for plot number “Section W, Site 4446”.

Her Kid’s Beautiful Journey

Louis, otherwise called Louie has made it to big heights being a successful American comedian. Sadly, the comedian is no more in the world too. He died in the year 2022 on the day of January 21. Before his death, he had posted a birthday wish post for her mom on his official social media account. While Ora didn’t made it big in the world, she got popular because of her only son.

Ora’s son was not only a comedian, but he expanded his career being an actor, author, and a host of a game show. He’s also known for his contribution in the development of cartoon series and many more TV shows. His works include “Life with Louie”, “The Louie Show”, “Hey Mom: Stories For My Mother”, etc.

Ora’s Relationships

Ora has a relationship with Louis William Anderson, with whom she had Louie Anderson, the comedian. Louis was born in the year 1901 and died in 1980, way before than Ora died. His husband was a stand-up comedian, who worked dominantly in the United States of America. Ora’s husband died of lymphoma. However, he was previously diagnosed with cancer but at the last stage of his life, he had complications just 3 days before his death. He was rushed to the hospital and 3 days later he was gone forever.

It’s still a mystery why Anderson kept his cancer life private. No one other than his doctors and official knew he had cancer until he actually left the world. After he died, the cause of death and his secret cancer life was revealed to the world. It’s still not known who revealed the secrets, though.


So, Ora did had a relationship with a celebrity and gave birth to a celebrity kid. There’s no doubt why she got famous and is also remembered by many people due to her background with the celebrities in the United States of America. While Ora had just one kid, his celebrity husband had another kid with an unknown lady, who become sort of step-son to Ora.