Everything You Need to Know About Penelope Joan So

Penelope Joan So is the daughter of American actress Anna Chlumsky and her husband, Shaun So, a former US Army reserve member. The young celebrity kid was born in New York City on July 11, 2013. She has a younger sibling, a sister named Clara Elizabeth So.

The day Penelope Joan So was born was the same day her mother got her first Emmy Award nomination. The news overjoyed her as she celebrated the new addition to the family, saying that Penelope had improved her life.


Penelope Joan So is in primary school; however, the details of which school she attends, but it is probably one of the best in New York City. After completing primary education, Penelope will join high school and eventually college and pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

How Her Parents Met

Penelope’s mom met Shaun So while studying at the University of Chicago. After college, Shaun served in the US army in Afghanistan, where Anna visited him. Penelope’s mother says her visit to Afghanistan helped her overcome her fears and return to doing what she loved. As soon as Shaun So completed his military service, they engaged in 2006 and married in 2008.

It has been a beautiful journey for both of them as they have two beautiful daughters, including Penelope Joan So, in their marriage.

Her Mother

Penelope Joan So’s mother started her career in the acting industry at a young age; however, she began as a model beside her mother in an advertising campaign before breaking into acting. In 1991, Anna appeared in her first significant role in the comedy film My Girl; three years later, she appeared in My Girl 2. Her appearances in the two films brought her to the spotlight, landing more acting roles.

Despite her early success in the acting industry, Penelope’s mom took a break to attend college, where she studied International Studies. After completing her college education, Anna started working in different companies, but she never liked her job, so she returned to acting. Her first appearance was in some episodes of Law & Order.

In 2009, Penelope’s mother appeared in four episodes of Cupid. Her other projects include Hala, The End of the Tour, Lights Out, White Collar, Hannibal, Robot Chicken, and Veep, where she portrayed Amy Brookheimer. In 2022, she had a leading role as Vivian Kent in the Netflix series Inventing Anna.

What is the Net Worth of Her Mother?

Penelope Joan So’s mother started acting as a child, and she has appeared in several movies and television shows. She has made a good fortune through acting, with her net worth approximated at 5 million dollars. With all the money, Penelope’s mother can provide for her daughters’ needs, and she is probably enjoying life.

Social Media

Penelope Joan So is not on social media since she is still young. However her mother is on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, but she does not like posting pictures of her daughters, only pictures of herself.