Rosemary Dapkins, Personal Life and Net Worth

Rosemary Dapkins is a little celebrity child, who managed to become an internet sensation because of her mother, Gaby Hoffmann, who is a famous American actress and has been achieving success remarkably in her life. Already intrigued to know more about Rosemary Dapkins?

Well, here we will discuss all the details about Rosemary Dapkins including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, early life, children, age earnings, net worth, and other details like that.

Personal life

Rosemary Dapkins was born in 2014 as the daughter of Gaby Hoffmann and her partner Chris Dapkins. Similar to her parents, Rosemary Dapkins also holds American nationality while there is no information available about her religious views.

Considering the age of Rosemary Dapkins, as she is just 9 years old, we don’t think she would be having any romantic relationship. After all, Rosemary Dapkins is too young for that.

Parents and siblings

Rosemary Dapkins is the only daughter of her parents, Gaby Hoffmann and Chris Dapkins, who are yet to get married. They have been in a romantic relationship for a long time but haven’t gotten married yet. However, their relationship is getting stronger each day and they are likely to get married in the future. The parents of Rosemary Dapkins are successful in their respective professions as well. Her mother is known to be a famous actress while her father is a cinematographer.


With the fact that Rosemary Dapkins is only 9 years old today, there is obviously no chance of her having any kids at the moment.

Education and profession

The parents of Rosemary Dapkins are not very much open regarding the personal life of Rosemary Dapkins and this is the reason that much of her personal life details including her education are secret to the public. However, one thing is sure Rosemary Dapkins must be getting her education from a top-class school because she is a celebrity daughter. As for the profession, Rosemary Dapkins is obviously too young to have a profession at the moment.

Reason for the popularity of Rosemary Dapkins

The one and only reason for the popularity of Rosemary Dapkins is her mother, Gaby Hoffmann, who is a well-known American actress and has a successful film career. In addition to her, the father of Rosemary Dapkins is also a renowned personality. She is often spotted with her parents whenever they step outside and this is when she grabs public attention.

Net worth of Rosemary Dapkins

Owing to the fact that Rosemary Dapkins is just 9 years old and does not have any profession, she obviously doesn’t have any net worth either. However, she is fortunate enough to enjoy an opulent life because her mother, Gaby Hoffmann, has an estimated net worth of around 2.5 million as of 2023.


Being a celebrity child Rosemary Dapkins is getting a good level of popularity and stardom since her birth. We will not be surprised if we see this little girl as a big star in the glamor world in the future.