Remembering the Life of Violet Mattie Grinstead

Violet Mattie Grinstead was born on March 30, 1907, in Barren County, Kentucky, to Mary Edna Bailey and Robert Fauntleroy Grinstead. You may know her through her famous grandson John Christopher Depp II, an American actor known for his role in 21 Jump Street.

Personal Life

Violet Mattie Grinstead was married; her husband was Oren Laramore Depp, who died in 1979. In their marriage, they were blessed with four children, Larry Depp Jr, John Depp, Bob Depp, and Virginia Depp Morrow. Violet was a devoted Christian and often involved in church activities. She was also part of the Owensboro Woman’s Club.

Her Grandson, John Christopher Depp II

John Christopher Depp II is the grandson of Violet Mattie Grinstead through her son John Depp. Violet’s grandson is famously known as Johnny Depp. He showed an interest in music when he was young, and by 12, he was already performing in music bands. His mother bought him a guitar, and he performed with rock bands. Afterward, he dropped out of school.

Violet’s grandson and his band achieved success in Florida before moving to Los Angeles in a bid to sign with a record label. While in Los Angeles, the band separated, and Johnny had to find another band to join. Violet’s grandson joined Rock City Angels band and performed with it for some time.

Violet’s Grandson’s Acting Career

Violet’s grandson was encouraged to start acting by actor Nicolas Cage; they met through his wife, Lori Ann Allison, and became friends. Through Cage’s help, Johnny auditioned for a role in the film A Nightmare on Elm Street, which he bagged. In the movie, Violet’s grandson portrayed the main character’s boyfriend.

After his film debut, Johnny Depp did not want to continue acting, but after realizing he could earn more money and pay his bills, he continued acting. In 1985, he starred in the comedy film Private Resort. In the late 1980s, Violet’s grandson appeared in the procedural series 21 Jump Street.

Throughout the 1990s, Violet’s grandson continued to appear in television shows; he played the titular role in Edward Scissorhands. Critics often praised his performances for his ability to own different roles. Johnny Depp appeared in many films and tv shows, but he gained widespread recognition for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

In the adventure film, Violet’s grandson starred as Captain Jack Sparrow and was praised for his performance. He also won an MTV Movie Award and received Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Awards nominations.

Johnny Depp’s Addiction

Violet Mattie Grinstead’s grandson has struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism for a long time. By age 14, Johnny had abused many drugs, which he continued doing until adulthood. He also got into drinking, and he could stop. It has been hard for Violet’s grandson to quit drugs and alcohol altogether.


Violet Mattie Grinstead died on January 8, 2000, aged 92 due to old age. She died a happy woman, having contributed so much to society. Her body was buried at the Owensboro Memorial Gardens in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA.