Who is Gregory Vincent Centineo? Meet Noah Centineo’s Father

Many of you may know Netflix star and American actor Noah Centineo but have little information on his father, Gregory Vincent Centineo. Gregory, born on December 11, 1963, is an American film producer, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is married to Kellee Centineo, with whom he has two children, Jay Centineo and a son Noah Centineo.

Personal Life

Gregory Vincent Centineo has been a great husband to Kellee in their moments of highs and lows. The two married in 1991 and have been married for over 30 years; their relationship is something to emulate. Gregory has done well as a father, which can be seen in his relationship with his son and daughter.


As a dad and husband, Gregory has worked hard to ensure that he has provided for his family. In 2001, he opened a coffee house, and with its profits, he raised his then-young family. Besides, Gregory is an entertainment entrepreneur and has worked with several individuals in Hollywood.

During the Covid lockdown in 2020, Gregory Centineo hosted the Therapy on the Go podcast. However, he has not been hosting them lately; you can use the link on his Instagram bio to listen to some podcast recordings he has posted.

Relationship with His Son

Gregory Vincent Centineo is very close with his son; he sometimes accompanies him on set. He also never misses an important event for his son; when Noah had a hard time in his late teens, he was always there and ready to support his son.

In an interview, Gregory mentioned that his son wanted to be an actor when he was 8; he had ambitions, and he could not hold him back. Noah was involved in school plays, and at 10, he had started taking lead roles; all Gregory could do was support his son.

His Son’s Acting Career

Gregory Centineo’s son started his professional acting career in 2009 when he had a lead role in the film The Gold Retrievers. Noah then had minor roles in two Disney Channel sitcoms: Shake It Up and Austin & Ally. In 2014, Gregory’s son portrayed Jaden Stark in How to Build a Better Boy and Ben Eastman in Growing Up and Down.

Noah Centineo started portraying Jesus Adams Foster in the drama series The Fosters in 2015, a role for which he was nominated for Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star in the male category. Gregory’s son has been working with Netflix, and his projects include The Perfect Date, To All the Boys, and its sequels.

Gregory’s son is the executive producer of the adventure series The Recruit, in which he also stars. The series was released in the last month of 2022.

Social Media

Gregory Vincent Centineo is a social media lover; he enjoys posting pictures and videos of his family on his Instagram account. In his posts, you can see his bond with his family, especially his son Noah. His Instagram handle is @gregcentineo. You can also find Gregory on Twitter.