William B. Skurkis Family, Relationships, & More

William B. Skurkis rose to fame as the celebrity parent of Sheri Lyn Skurkis, popularly known as a Sheri Moon Zombie, an actress as well as wife of musician Rob Zombie. Sheri Lyn is William Skurkis’s daughter from his first wife Carol A. Skurkis. If want to know about William B. Skurkis, keep on following for more details.

Life & Education Of William B. Skurkis

William B. Skurkis is a revered leader in the insurance industry who worked for Aetna Life Insurance Co. for more than forty years. Skurkis was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 2, 1947 to Lithuanian immigrants. After graduating from high school, he attended King’s College, Cambridge where he earned a degree in computer programming.

William B. Skurkis was a generous and loving man who believed in hard work and dedication. As a young man, he worked as a carpenter and later went on to serve in the United States Air Force. After serving in the Air Force, he took a job at Aetna Life Insurance, where he worked until his retirement.

Career Of William B. Skurkis

In 1971, Skurkis began his career with Aetna Life Insurance Co. as a financial analyst. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, eventually becoming the company’s president and chief executive officer in 2001. During his tenure at Aetna, Skurkis was responsible for a number of strategic initiatives that significantly improved the company’s performance, including the creation of a new product line, the introduction of a new system of customer service, and the development of a new global strategy.

Skurkis’ commitment to innovation and excellence was reflected in the numerous awards and recognitions he received throughout his career. In 2009, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Insurance Society. Additionally, he was the recipient of numerous awards from the American Insurance Association, the Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, and the International Risk Management Institute.

Skurkis As A Philanthropist

Skurkis’s career was marked by a commitment to helping others. He was a devoted mentor to many and had a special passion for helping young people. In 2002, he established a scholarship fund for students in need, which has since grown to become one of the largest scholarship funds in the country. Additionally, Skurkis was an active philanthropist, and his efforts were recognized by a number of organizations, including the United Way, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army.

Who Is Sheri Moon Zombie?

Sheri Lyn Skurkis, better known as Sheri Moon Zombie, is an American actress, musician, and fashion designer. She has appeared in her husband, Rob Zombie’s horror films, “House of 1000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” and “3 from Hell.” Sheri has also released her first solo album, “Skurkis”, in 2009. She also created her own fashion line, Total Skull, which features clothing and accessories inspired by horror films and rock music.


William was a family man and loved spending time with his wife and children. He was a devoted husband and father who supported his family in all of their endeavors. He was an avid reader, and he encouraged his children to read and learn as much as they could. He was also a collector of antiques, and he was passionate about restoring and preserving pieces of the past. He went to rest for the final time on October 12, 2010.