Commercial Spacecraft for Autodesk OTx


Background:  As an Autodesk Student Ambassador I was invited to the Autodesk One Team Extension, 2018 in Copenhagen which is an internal Autodesk conference. During this time I competed in a ‘Design Slam’ competition for the UK, with my teammate Chen Jiangxuan, against Turkey and Germany

Brief: The brief was set by Airbus with Autodesk to design a Commercial Spaceflight Vehicle that will carry a minimum of 50 passengers. We were asked to consider the propulsion method and energy conservation methods w to get in to space and orbit

Design SLAM: A live competition to model our design using Fusion 360 software with only 3 pre-made components that consist of less than 10% of the overall design.


Outcome: Chen, an Aeronautical Engineering Student used his background in Aeronautical Engineering to come up with a realistic form of a launch vehicle and spacecraft. We then assigned roles for the slam, mine being to model the spacecraft, combine the components, texture the aircraft to be visually appealing and set up a rendering environment.

The Winning Outcome – by Team UK


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